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Word Aware

At Fairisle Infant and Nursery school the development of language is a key priority.  Word Aware is a programme that we use across the school to teach vocabulary to our children. The principles of Word Aware are that children will benefit if they:

  • are exposed to enriched vocabulary in an environment where the spoken and written word are appreciated;
  • have opportunities to enjoy words;
  • experience explicit teaching of useful words;
  • learn strategies for independent word learning.

Did you know children need twelve meaningful encounters of a word before they really know it? Word Aware promotes a method called STAR, which stands for: 


Select the vocabulary – linked with English or curriculum

Teach – in a structured manner

Activate – play games to use the words in context

Review – revisit regularly to ensure the new word is retained

This process ensures the children encounter the new words many times and in many different ways.



Here is some information about how you can support your child to develop their vocabulary and some activities you can try at home: