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Sunshine Room

Exploring Pumpkins

We started the term learning about Autumn, and we had a particular interest in pumpkins! We explored these in different ways, including counting them, painting them, cutting them open to explore the insides, and cooking some delicious pumpkin soup with them.

World Nursery Rhyme Week

During ‘World Nursery Rhyme Week’ we focused on one rhyme each day, and engaged in a range of activities themed around each rhyme.

One of our favourites was ‘I’m a Little Tea Pot.’ In our home corner we used real teapots and mugs in our play. We enjoyed some sensory play in the garden, watching how water changes when tea bags and tea leaves are added. We explored this using tea pots, mugs, spoons and our hands!

We also loved Humpty Dumpty. We developed our construction skills to build walls, and drew our own pictures of Humpty Dumpty on his wall.


Through adult led activities we have developed our understanding of numbers and measurements by measuring our heights, and the lengths of our feet and hands. We used different equipment to help us measure, including multilink cubes and measuring tapes.


As December began, we helped our teachers put up the Christmas tree and decorate the Nursery. We enjoyed a range of activities, such as writing our Christmas lists, making cards and decorations, and visiting the sleigh in school.

We learnt some new Christmas songs, and we invited our grown-ups to come to Nursery to see us perform them. Thank you to everyone that attended our Sing-a-long and Craft session, it was fantastic to see so many of you come and join your children for some Christmas fun!