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Equality Information and Objectives


Equality Information and Objectives 2018-2019

We welcome our general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations. Policies containing more information are available to view in school on our website.

The Equality Policy at Fairisle Infant and Nursery School is about providing equality and excellence for all and to ensure that no person or groups are unfairly discriminated against. The school is inclusive and staff and governors are fully committed to the inclusion of all children and staff and we will endeavour to meet individual needs. The school complies fully with all legislation.

The Equality Act brings together previous legislation concerned with Race, Gender and Disability. This means:

  • All adults and children treat each other with respect.
  • Great effort is made to ensure all groups of pupils make maximum progress.
  • Employment practice is fair.
  • Fairisle Infant and Nursery School is committed to developing good citizens – locally, nationally and globally.
  • Information about the pupils who attend Fairisle Infant and Nursery School (2018-2019)

Number of pupils on roll



46% girls 54% boys

English as an additional language


Special educational need / disability


Pupil Premium


Our Equality Objectives

  • To close the gap in attainment between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.
  • To close the gap in attainment gap between boys and girls.

Our Equality Objectives

  • To close the gap in attainment between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.
  • To close the gap in attainment gap between boys and girls.


Attainment and Progress:

Pupils from all groups are supported to reach their potential. Pupils’ progress is rigorously tracked and additional support is allocated according to pupils’ needs.

The school works closely with external agencies to aid the inclusion of children with SEN and/or disabilities.  19% of our pupils have special educational needs and/or disabilities.

The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools to enable schools to narrow attainment gaps between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children. During the academic year of 2018-2019, 27% of our pupils were entitled to the Pupil Premium.

% Working at the expected standard or above





All (school)




Disadvantaged (school)




Not disadvantaged (schools)




All (national)




Disadvantaged (national)




Not disadvantaged (national)




% Working at the expected standard or above

The gap in attainment between disadvantaged and not disadvantaged pupils is narrowing; however the current gaps are still a cause for concern and will be carefully monitored and pupils’ progress tracked to ensure the gap can be closed.

Pupils in Year One were subject to the Phonics Screening Check. 86.5% of our pupils are working at the expected standard in phonics which is above the national average of 81.9%, thereby indicating that most pupils are ready for the next phase in their education in Year Two in reading and writing. 73.4% of disadvantaged pupils are working at the expected standard in phonics compared to the national average of 70.3%.

% Working at the expected standard or above






















Fairisle Infant and Nursery School is an inclusive school and we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. This is a national award for schools with excellent inclusive practice. This has been validated on four successive occasions.

“Fairisle Infant and Nursery School continues to go from strengths to strengths. Its attention to detail in relation to inclusive practice, ensures that the hard working and dedicated staff strive to support the children to achieve their best.” (Inclusion Quality Mark)

The school recognises and values diversity and this is also reflected in the curriculum. Pupils from different backgrounds mix and get on well with each other. The school has positive relations with parents and the wider community. We take prejudice and racial harassment very seriously and all racist incidents are monitored and reported as appropriate. There were no reported racist incidents during the last academic year.  

The school is committed to United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and has gained the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Gold Award. We have been a Rights Respecting School for ten years and children’s rights are fully embedded in our school’s ethos.

Ofsted commented that

“Strong values, underpinned by Unicef’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, are embedded throughout the school”.

Pupil Behaviour

We expect high standards of behaviour from all children and their behaviour across the school is usually exemplary with no difference between ethnic groups and gender. “Pupils achieve well and develop strong moral values”. (Ofsted).

“The children are the school’s greatest ambassadors. They quite simply love their school and are articulate in their descriptions of all the school has to offer. Their behaviour is truly excellent. In class, they are hardworking, showing interest and enthusiasm.”

(Inclusion Quality Mark)

Parental Involvement


We value parents’ support and encourage all parents to become involved in their children’s learning. Over the past year the school has run a number of Family Learning initiatives, e.g. Phonics & Literacy workshops and ECaT (Every Child a Talker) workshops. We provide information sessions for all parents to cover what pupils will be taught and how parents can support their children’s learning. We will endeavour to provide translators or translations for parents where relevant and applicable. Ofsted noted that “Parents welcome the workshops provided toHelp them support their children’s learning at home”. 

Our nursery provision also caters for two year olds and this enables us to foster even closer links with parents / carers.


Southampton City Council is the admissions authority for the school.Fairisle Infant and Nursery School admits pupils with disabilities and actively seeks to remove barriers to learning. Pupils with disabilities have the same opportunities as their peers. These are sometimes differentiated to meet specific needs. We have an extension to be used for implementing physiotherapy programmes for children with physical impairment. It was noted during the Inclusion Quality Mark assessment that the school provides tremendous care and support for all children and that “Fairisle continues to strive to support all children in their academic and social development, ensuring that each child reaches their potential”.


Every child is given equal opportunities and access to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities as far as is reasonably possible. Curriculum planning takes account of the needs of pupils. The school is continually aiming to improve access to the curriculum for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The curriculum is planned to take account of the principles of equality and to promote positive attitudes to diversity. The school has also organised visits to different places of worship, for example Lordshill Church and the Sikh Gurdwara. “The displays give testimony to the breadth of the curriculum and the way it engages both boys and girls, and stimulates children’s interests”. (Inclusion Quality Mark)